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Job Placement Philosophy:

Job Placement is the most critical aspect of career training. It is at this point in training that the graduate turns to the Job Placement Specialist to assure them that they have gained the necessary skills to become successfully employed.

Many of our graduates have come to us as a result of physical injury. They have lost their source of income, their ability to support themselves in the manner that they have been accustomed and have they have lost their since of identity with the loss of their job.

Our instructors and staff have spent the last several months, providing them with new job skills, reinforcing positive achievements, attendance and classroom performance. It is now up to the Job Placement Specialist to continue the momentum. Reinforce the confidence of the graduate. Encourage them to believe in themselves, to participate actively in their job search (Good things do not come to those that wait!).  Develop a good relationship with the graduate so that they will remain in contact with you until successfully placed.

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