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Floral Designer

Professional Floral Designer

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Bi-Lingual Instruction Available


Basic Floral Design skills are the foundation on which you can further your career. All employees, no matter what their job function, need to perform basic Floral Design. These tasks include Basic Floral Design, Special Occasions, Weddings and Funeral Arrangements. Your client will also receive a solid technical foundation, plus broad exposure to the industry, preparing him or her to meet the challenges of entry-level employment as a Florist.                            

Professional Floral Designer Course Outline/Training Schedule

Class hours Monday to Friday 8:30A – 2:30P





Course Name


Number of Weeks


 Basics of Floral design



 Special Occasions




 Weddings and Funerals




 Silk Floral Design




Job title examples:

  • Floral Designer
  • Florist Arranger



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